Researchers Dr Paul Coulton and Selina Ellis Gray are analysing the ways in which western mourning practices are changing in the modern world thanks to the increasing amounts of personal data we leave online.

Selina Ellis Gray said: “Our deaths are now followed by the slow decay of a massive body of data, which include huge amounts created from regular social media use.”

As part of her interdisciplinary PhD, she is questioning what happens to all our tweets, status updates and selfies after we’ve gone and how can we begin to design for these remains.

Dr Coulton said: “In today’s digital age, when we die we often leave behind a digital legacy. Relatives are no longer only considering what to do with books, tea sets, vases and toolboxes but they are also thinking about online social remnants such as digital photos, videos, status updates and emails.

“While these ghostly reminders online are enabling new types of mourning practices, they are consequently presenting a number of challenges to the traditional role of custodianship as these remnants of digital life cannot be placed within rooms or on shelves in quite the same way as a piece of jewellery or a lock of hair.

“These remains are searchable, discoverable and open to reinterpretation such that the dead can return unbidden to haunt the living in unexpected ways.”

The threshold between life and death has also become a much more public event with the last status updates and final tweets of victims of events such as the Colorado massacre becoming global news. Selina has documented how such spaces online have become highly visited, with some gathering over 10 million views and daily visitors who consider these places as a positive focus for their loss. She hopes her ongoing research in this emergent area will have an impact on future technology design and also support services. Alongside her thesis, Selina has a number of publications forthcoming in 2014 and will be presenting at this year’s first ‘Death Online Research’ symposium with other leading experts in the field.

Dr Coulton said: “These changing responses to death — and the digital legacy we leave behind — are posing all sorts of new questions and challenges, not only for technology designers and professionals who provide bereavement support but also for society in general.”

If she loves you and then she loves you not, don’t blame the petals of that daisy. Blame evolution.

UCLA researchers analyzed dozens of published and unpublished studies on how women’s preferences for mates change throughout the menstrual cycle. Their findings suggest that ovulating women have evolved to prefer mates who display sexy traits — such as a masculine body type and facial features, dominant behavior and certain scents — but not traits typically desired in long-term mates.

So, desires for those masculine characteristics, which are thought to have been markers of high genetic quality in our male ancestors, don’t last all month — just the few days in a woman’s cycle when she is most likely to pass on genes that, eons ago, might have increased the odds of her offspring surviving and reproducing.

“Women sometimes get a bad rap for being fickle, but the changes they experience are not arbitrary,” said Martie Haselton, a professor of psychology and communication studies at UCLA and the paper’s senior author. “Women experience intricately patterned preference shifts even though they might not serve any function in the present.”

The findings will appear online this month in Psychological Bulletin, which is published by the American Psychological Association.

Haselton and Kelly Gildersleeve, a UCLA doctoral candidate in psychology and the study’s lead author, spent three years attempting to resolve the controversy. They solicited raw data from dozens of scholars who have conducted research on the topic and then translated the data from 50 studies into the same mathematical format so that the findings could be statistically analyzed together.

The strength of women’s preference shift proved to be statistically significant, although “small” to “medium” in size, relative to most findings in the field. As a point of comparison, the size of the shift was statistically comparable to the difference researchers have found between men’s and women’s self-reported number of heterosexual sex partners (with men reporting more sex partners).

The findings are less clear, however, about which male characteristics are most alluring to ovulating women. But women’s responses to male body scents could be capable of producing the strongest effects, Haselton said.

In the few scent studies conducted so far, researchers asked women to smell T-shirts that had been worn by men with varying degrees of body and facial symmetry. (Across a large body of research on many different animals, body and facial symmetry are associated with larger body size, more pronounced sexual “ornaments” such as the attractive plumage on male birds, and better health, suggesting that symmetry could be an indicator of genetic quality.) Women preferred the odors of more symmetrical men when in the fertile portions of their cycles. The UCLA meta-analysis likewise showed a large shift in women’s preference for the body odor of symmetrical men, although more studies are needed to determine whether this effect is robust.

Haselton, who is based in UCLA’s College of Letters and Science, is one of a handful of pioneers in research on behavioral changes at ovulation. One of her studies showed that women who are partnered to men they view as less sexy are more likely to experience attraction to other men at ovulation than women who rate their male partners as very sexy.

“The excellent reputation Martie has among researchers in this field and her deep understanding of the intricacies of ovulation research make her an ideal person to spearhead this ambitious meta-analytic study,” said Jeffry Simpson, a psychology professor at the University of Minnesota. “Her extensive knowledge of this area coupled with the fact that she and her collaborators were able to identify the specific features of men that women find most appealing as short-term versus long-term mates at different points of the ovulatory cycle makes this paper a truly important one.”

The presence of shifts in sexual preferences among women may generate debate, but shifts in sexual preferences and behavior are well documented in mammals as diverse as rats and orangutans. For example, female chimpanzees are known to prefer to have sex with different males within the fertile phrase than they prefer outside of this phase — a strategy thought to improve their offspring’s chances of survival.

“Until the past decade, we all accepted this notion that human female sexuality was radically different from sexuality in all of these other animal species — that, unlike other species, human female sexuality was somehow walled off from reproductive hormones,” Haselton said. “Then a set of studies emerged that challenged conventional wisdom.”

One hypothesis for why a mate preference shift occurs is that it may be an evolutionary adaptation that served our ancestors’ reproductive interests long before modern medicine, nutrition and sanitation dramatically reduced infant and child mortality rates.

“Under this hypothesis, women who preferred these characteristics were more likely to pass on beneficial genetic qualities to their children, thereby enhancing their children’s chances of survival and reproductive success,” Gildersleeve said.

“Ancestral women would have benefited reproductively from selecting partners with characteristics indicating that they’d be good co-parents, such as being kind, as well as characteristics indicating that they possessed high genetic quality such as having masculine faces and bodies,” Haselton said. “Women could have had the best of both worlds — securing paternal investment from a long-term mate and high-genetic quality from affair partners — but only if those affairs were timed at a point of high fertility within the cycle, and probably only if their affairs remained undiscovered.”

A different hypothesis, which Haselton and Gildersleeve also find plausible, proposes that shifts in women’s mate preferences across the menstrual cycle were adaptive in a now-extinct species that predated humans and are vestigial in humans — that is, like the coccyx, or tail bone, that remains at the end of the human spine, they persist in modern humans despite serving no apparent function.

Either way, Haselton and Gildersleeve firmly believe in the value of shedding light on the preference shift.

“If women understand the logic behind these shifts, it might better inform their sexual decision-making so that if they notice suddenly that they’re attracted to the guy in the next cubicle at work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have a great long-term partner,” Haselton said. “They’re just experiencing a fleeting echo from the past.”

How can I get my ex love back? That’s a question people in all parts of the world are asking every minute of the day. Human relationships are one of the most complicated things we ever have to deal with.

Why won’t my ex call me back? You’re asking this now because you’ve been trying in vain to get your ex to talk to you, right? You call and leave him or her message after message to no avail. They don’t respond and you’re left wondering why.

Since it first emerged a couple of years ago, speed-dating is fast becoming one of the most popular attractions among singles in the UK. In Birmingham, there are many speed_dating services organizing events such as pub crawls, comedy nights, cocktails, wine tasting and many other exciting speeddating events. Thousands of singles attend such events weekly in search of opportunities for fun, relaxation, flirting, hooking up, and even romance or love.

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The most important determinant of Speed-Dating London success is selecting the right event. There are endless speed_dating events which are organized in Birmingham. Examples include fitness day outs, comedy nights, lock n’ key events, pub crawls, cocktails and so on. There are even events for gays, Asians, elite, corporate class and many others. In short, you are spoilt for choice. You should select the right event for you. Typically, this is an event which features an activity which you truly enjoy. Find an activity which you would gladly participate even if it wasn’t a speed-date. This will increase your chances of meeting people who share your interests. When two people have shared interests, chances are high that they will actually hook up.

Check Out The Venue In Advance

Psychologically, people tend to be more comfortable in familiar surroundings. When you are in a new environment, you take time to feel comfortable and relaxed. Now, speed-dating events are so short and fast paced that there is rarely time for you to adjust to your surroundings. You need to do that in advance. The best thing is to visit the Speed_Dating Birmingham venue in advance and check it out. You can even hang out there for a couple of hours, just to get used to the place. This will ensure that on the D-day, you will be relaxed and comfortable. You can then spend all your energies on finding your perfect match.

Be Yourself

Generally, people have a tendency to paint themselves in a more flattering light than they really are. It is a human thing. When it comes to dating, we usually want to appear smarter, funnier, and trendier than we actually are. Unfortunately, it is all but impossible to maintain the act all the time. The best thing is to be yourself at all times. Let people like you for who you are. Most people are more interested in meeting authentic people, than they are of meeting “perfect” people.

Relax n’ Have Fun

It is quite natural to feel tensed up and nervous during dates. This is because we are always eager to make an impression on our dates. For speed dating, the tension is even higher, because there is such a small window of opportunity in which to make the impression. However, being tensed up and nervous is counterproductive. You need to relax and have fun. Someone who is relaxed and enjoying themselves is far more attractive than someone who is all tensed up. And besides, it is not a do or die situation. There are scores of other events which you can go for. Just enjoy the moment, and your perfect match will want to enjoy the moment with you.

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If you’re a man who has been saying this lately, you’ve got a challenge ahead of you. Wanting to be back with your ex and making it happen are two very different things. Although most men rely on their own emotions to guide them into trying to get their ex girlfriend back, this just doesn’t work. You need a proven plan if you hope to get her to fall back in love with you. With the right understanding and some patience, you can get the second chance with the woman you adore that you’ve always wanted.

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You should actually limit how much contact you have with your ex girlfriend if you want to get her back. Your natural instinct is going to be to push her to talk as much as you can, but going the opposite route will get you better results. Right now your girlfriend is probably feeling good about the split and is thinking that her life will be so much better without you. She can’t know that is the case until she actually experiences her life without you. That’s why it’s so effective if you can cut off all contact for a few weeks. That means no calls, or emails or even the odd text message just to see how she is. You have to stop contacting her completely. If you can do this it will allow her the opportunity to miss you which is what you want to have happen. She’ll truly feel your absence and that will be what makes her want you back forever.

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Good place to find cougars is places where young men would typically hang out, like sports clubs, disco clubs. You will find them lurking in the shadows or dancing on the dance floor and openly flirting with men half their age. Older women are generally not shy and are very open about their intentions, you just need to peak their interest a little and you’re on the way to a hot date.

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